What’s it like to work with Matsuura Art Associates?


We start by listening: to understand your frame of reference, to learn about your point of view, your tastes, your style, your vision. It’s always about you. Never about us.

We ask a lot of questions. What should your guests feel and experience? Which core values of your brand or your property should the work convey or support? Is there a particular theme, or a specific artist or medium being considered? We also review your color boards, elevations, and project plans; your ideas for furnishings and fixtures; and of course, your budget.

Once you’re satisfied that we understand your vision and project objectives, we begin the process of sourcing or creating art. We work with a select group of Japanese artists whose work encompasses a wide range of styles and media. You will work closely with our principals—Satomi Matsuura in Japan and Momo Haney in North America—to source or commission meaningful and unforgettable art for your project.

Our experience working with major hotels, multi-national corporations, and public and private collections means you’ll work with experts who understand the size and scope, as well as the subtleties, of even the most demanding and discerning projects.


Satomi Matsuura, Director

Satomi Matsuura is a Tokyo-based interior designer and art consultant. After more than a decade advising prestigious hotels, interior design firms and architects throughout Asia and Europe, Ms. Matsuura has launched Matsuura Art Associates seeking to bring a select group of Japanese contemporary artists to the attention of top designers, architects, and hoteliers around the world.


Momo Haney, Sales

Originally from Japan, Motoko "Momo" Haney now resides in Seattle and leads our North American sales efforts. Fluent in both English and Japanese, Momo's background includes design, display, and client service experience in various industries.


Paul Brandenburger, Marketing

With 20+ years of experience in advertising and graphic design, Paul Brandenburger now leads brand and marketing strategies for MAA.