We represent a select group of Japanese artists whose work has a particular affinity for hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments.




The Japanese have a unique perspective on hospitality. Their norms of politeness, conscientiousness, and care are woven into the culture to such a degree that they can’t help but permeate the self-expression of the artists themselves. View more art by Kokin.


The world's best brands communicate their values at every customer touch point. We believe works of art to be an important element in establishing this level of brand discipline. We work closely with our clients to help communicate their brand values through art. View more art by Kouzo Takeuchi.


The positive psychological effects of artwork on viewers is well documented. We work closely with healthcare design specialists to help source or commission artwork that will reduce stress and support positive experiences in healthcare environments. View more art by Yoko Togashi.

Our philosophy is simple: Art should be unforgettable.


A guest may stay with you for only a short while, but you should stay with your guests forever. To create such memorable experiences — whether you’re sourcing existing pieces or commissioning custom artwork — MAA works with you to clarify and define the desired experience and then to support and enhance it through art.